Course Requirements


As with other current concentrations for the AGECMS degree at the UA, the Atlantis track will require 31 semester credit hours.

Credit for both degrees will be earned as follows:

For U.S. students:

  • Courses taken at European "host" universities will earn UA credit as AGEC 502V Special Topics which are applied to the "home" AGECMS degree
  • Courses taken at the UA will be transferred to the European consortium for credit towards the "host" European degree in rural development.

For European students:

  • Courses taken at the UA "host" university will earn European credit which is applied to the "home" M.S. in rural development degree
  • Courses taken in Europe will be transferred to the UA for credit towards the "host" AGECMS degree

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Prerequisites to the Atlantis Concentration:

  • Six hours of mathematics (college algebra or above)
  • 3 hours of statistics
  • 3 hours of economic principles
  • 6 hours of courses in agricultural economics, rural development, social sciences, or agriculture and agribusiness-related courses

Core Requirements: (16 hours)
Coursework from each of the following areas:

  • Quantitative analysis or research methods
  • Management or marketing
  • Policy or analysis of public sector issues
  • 6 hours of master's thesis
  • AGEC 5011 seminar.

Controlled Electives: (15 hours)

  • Other graduate courses in Agricultural Economics
  • Other graduate courses approved by the student's advisory committee
  • Other Requirements:
    • Minimum of 16 hours in Agricultural Economics
    • Maximum of 15 hours of transfer courses from an inventory of classes offered in the Atlantis consortium of EU universities to satisfy core requirements and/or controlled electives

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