Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness

2018 AGECMS Graduates

2018 AGECMS Graduates

Left to right: Brooke Anderson, Blend Frangu, Willy Mulimbi Byamungu , Yefan Nian, Kerr Adams, Daniel Gilmour, Noussayma Njeim, Dr. Di Fang, Dr. Jennie Popp, Dr. Daniel Rainey, and Dr. Steve Halbrook (Not pictured: Anna Travis, Lucas Head, John Turner, Elias Mahlum-Priest, Jacob “Clint” Moore, and Cleeford Pavilus)


Undergraduate Degree

Our undergraduate degree offers three concentration options:

  • Agribusiness Management and Marketing 
  • Agricultural Economics 
  • Pre-Law 

Graduate Degree

Our advanced degree program concentrations include:

  • Thesis
  • Atlantis
  • Agribusiness Non-thesis
  • International Agribusiness Non-thesis
  • Dual M.S. and LL.M.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

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Upcoming Events

Marketing Corn and Soybeans During Growing Season:  2018 Outlook and Pricing Opportunities
Webinar: June 21 - 3:00 p.m. CST
Dr. Aaron Smith with the Department of Agricultural Resource Economics at the University of Tennessee

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