What Makes Our Department Special?


As an R1 research university, the AEAB department has immense resources at its disposal; however, we still maintain a close-knit and welcoming enviroment. So, we're able to offer a robust array of unique study-abroad opportunities, scholarships, and more, while still maintaining a small class size.


Our department is constantly ranked among the top agribusiness programs in the world, due in large part to the high-level of producity from our faculty members. Our team specializes in a wide-range of subjects under the agribusiness umbrella, including resource and production economics, commodity marketing, public policy, rural development, and much more.

Professional and
Personal Growth

Acquire the "hard" technical skills as well as the "soft" interpersonal skills sought after by today's employers. Whether your goal is to join private industry, government sector, academia, or further continue your education, our department will prepare you to become a leading candidate as you continue your professional development.

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AEAB News & Highlights

Latest Highlight

Upcoming Seminar: “Who Trades Agricultural Futures, and How?”

Dr. Michel Robe from the University of Illinois presents a guest seminar titled, “Who Trades Agricultural Futures, and How?” Dr. Robe provides insight on the financialization and the automation of commodity trading. His research reveals their impact on commodity pricing and market liquidity. This seminar will be held on February 22 from 11:35am to 12:55pm in AGRI 115. All are welcome.