About the Atlantis Program

The double degree in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development offers the opportunity to study the US and European visions of agricultural economics and rural development in its diversity of approaches and applications. The objective is to train specialists in comparative analysis of US and EU agricultural economic and rural development policies through a 2 year double master degree program jointly organized by the University of Arkansas and 6 EU leading institutes in agricultural economics and rural development. Upon successful completion of the program, a student will receive a Master of Science in Agricultural Economics from the University of Arkansas, and an International Master of Science in Rural Development offered jointly by Ghent University (Belgium), Agrocampus Ouest Rennes (France), Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany), the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (Slovakia), the University of Pisa (Italy) and the University of Córdoba (Spain).

Upon successful completion of the program, a student will receive an MS degree in agricultural economics from the University of Arkansas and a joint MS degree in rural development from the European consortium universities.

The methodology consists of a combination of basic and specialized training in technical, economic and social sciences, a case study of one month, an individual master thesis and a high extent of student and scholar mobility.

How to Apply

Living Arrangements

Housing in this program is designed to encourage you to live independently while learning to negotiate the host cities and institutions. Students are responsible for their own accommodations. The host institutions in the U.S. and Europe will help you find housing within or near the universities.