The following is a list of pre-requisite courses that are required for each concentration of the MS in Agricultural Economics. Students are expected to have completed most of these pre-requisites before admission into the program. Up to six hours of pre-requisites can be completed during the first year of the program. Please direct questions to Dr. Daniel Rainey, Graduate Program Coordinator, at for domestic student applicants or Dr. Qiuqiong Huang, International Applicant Evaluator, at for international student applicants.

The table below provides a summary of the pre-requisites to pursuing four of our five concentrations. Examples of University of Arkansas courses satisfying the pre-requisites are in parentheses.

Domestic Thesis Domestic Non-Thesis Atlantis Thesis  International Agribusiness Non-Thesis
Intermediate Micro Theory (ECON 3033) Principles Micro Econ (AGEC 1103) Three hours economic principles Principles Micro Econ (AGEC 1103)
Intermediate Macro Theory (ECON 3133) Principles Macro Econ (AGEC 2103)   Principles Macro Econ (AGEC 2103)
Survey Calculus (MATH 2043) or above Survey Calc or Finite Math (MATH 2403 or 2053) or above Six hours mathematics Survey Calc or Finite Math (MATH 2043 or 2053) or above
Intro Statistics (AGEC 2403) Intro Statistics (AGEC 2403) Three hours statistics Intro Statistics (AGEC 2403)
Upper level mgmt and mktg (AGEC 3403 and 3303) Upper level mgmt and mktg (AGEC 3403 and 3303) Six hours other courses in agri econ rural develop, soc sci, agbus, agriculture Upper level mgmt and mktg (AGEC 3403 and 3303)
  Intro Accounting (AGEC 2142/2141)   Intro Accounting (AGEC 2142/2141)


Students wishing to pursue the Dual MS/LLM program must meet the pre-requisites of the respective MS program concentration chosen above.

Students are encouraged to complete all pre-requisites before beginning the program. Students may be approved to take up to six hours of pre-requisites their first semester in the program.