Graduate Program Information

Advanced study in Agricultural Economics and Agricultural Business provides students with state of the art knowledge of theory, methods and application in the field. The student becomes better prepared for positions in the dynamic environment of contemporary agribusiness and production agriculture.

There are different concentrations for the M.S. program that include:

  • Thesis: U.S. based thesis program
  • Atlantis: international thesis program - Atlantis double M.S. degree program in agricultural economics and rural development, which includes two degrees and students study in Europe for part of the program
  • Agribusiness non-thesis: U.S. based non-thesis program with a focus on agribusiness
  • International Agribusiness non-thesis program - international agribusiness program with one semester of study at Ghent University in Belgium
  • Dual M.S. in agricultural economics and LL.M. in agricultural and food law