Agricultural Business Major

Agricultural business prepares you for a career as a decision maker who will apply business management concepts to agricultural businesses. The Bachelor of Science in Agriculture (B.S.A.) with a major in Agricultural Business (AGBS) offers students three concentration options. This allows students to better position themselves for opportunities in agribusiness management, agricultural marketing in both the domestic and international arenas, pre-law, public policy, and entry into graduate school.


Agribusiness Management and Marketing (ABMM) - This concentration is designed for students seeking a career in areas such as sales, marketing, management, banking, food and agriculture businesses, including firms involved in food processing, commodity merchandising and commodity storage and transportation. Examples of employers include Riceland Foods, Walmart, Farm Credit, Tyson Foods, Arvest Bank, Dow AgroScience, and Arkansas Farm Bureau. This is also an excellent concentration for students who want to become more involved in production agriculture, either on the family farm or as a hired farm manager.

Agricultural Economics (AGEC) - Students may wish to choose the AGEC concentration if they are interested in further education beyond a B.S.A. This concentration has an emphasis on the quantitative analytical skills needed in graduate school. This concentration provides training both in courses in the AEAB Department, as well as in the Walton College of Business.

Pre-Law (PRLW) - The PRLW concentration is an excellent option for students who have an interest in attending law school to pursue a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) degree after graduation. In addition to legal career opportunities, this concentration may also be of interest to students pursuing careers in public service with local, state and federal agencies and policy development. The graduate program in Agricultural Law at the University of Arkansas is the only such program in the United States that offers a Master of Law (LL.M.) degree in agricultural law.

Minor in Agricultural Business

Agribusiness Minor (AGBS-M) - Students majoring in other disciplines at the University of Arkansas have the option of completing a minor in Agricultural Business. This minor allows students to better position themselves in the workplace by gaining skills in areas such as: marketing, management, environmental economics, sales, sales and finance.

Degree Plans for Concentration Options
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