Program Description

  • Careers in government or public sector, policy analysis, researcher or analyst positions in industry or agribusiness
  • Preparation for Ph.D. degree
  • Conduct in-depth research and write results via thesis project
  • Completion time 21-24 months

Degree Requirements

  1. Admission to program
  2. Successful completion of the courses (31 credit hours which includes 6 thesis credit hours) included on an approved plan of study with a GPA of 2.85 or higher
  3. Completion of the research necessary to prepare a M.S. thesis
  4. Successfully passing a final oral comprehensive examination in defense of the thesis and successful deposit of final approved written thesis with the UA Graduate School and Library

Core Requirements

Check Sheet

AGEC 5103 Agricultural Microeconomics
AGEC 5403 Quantitative Methods for Agribusiness
AGEC 5613 Econometrics
AGEC 5623 Quantitative Food and Agricultural Policy Analysis
AGEC 600V Thesis
AGEC 5011 Seminar

Suggested Elective Courses

AGEC 4143 Agricultural Finance
AGEC 4163 Agricultural and Rural Development
AGEC 4303 Advanced Agricultural Marketing Management
AGEC 4313 Agricultural Business Management
AGEC 4323 Agribusiness Entrepreneurship
AGEC 4373 Basis Trading: Advanced Price Risk Management
AGEC 4383 Basis Trading: Case StudyAGEC 4403 Advanced Farm Business Management
AGEC 4613 Political Economy of Agriculture and Food
AGEC 4623 International Agricultural Trade and Commercial Policy
AGEC 503V Internship in Agricultural Economics
AGEC 5133 Agricultural and Environmental Resource Economics
AGEC 5143 Financial Management in Agriculture
AGEC 5153 The Economics of Public Policy
AGEC 5303 Agricultural Marketing Theory
AGEC 5413 Agribusiness Strategy
AGEC 5713 Food Safety Law
Elective courses from other disciplines may be taken with approval from the student advisor.
A maximum of 9 hours of courses may be completed from a) graduate courses also offered as 4000-level or lower as undergraduate courses, and/or b) courses numbered at 4000-level or lower if approved for graduate credit by petition.


M.S. Thesis

All students in the thesis concentration are required to conduct original research and prepare a thesis document based on that research.  Students must form an examination committee led by a major advisor from the AEAB Department. Upon approval from the major advisor, an oral examination will be administered by the candidate's examination committee.  The thesis requirements are considered complete once 1) the student has satisfactorily passed the oral exam and 2) the hard and electronic copies of the final thesis have been accepted by and submitted to the Graduate School and Library.

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