Agribusiness Non-Thesis

Program Description

  • Careers in agribusiness, industry, commercial sector, analyst positions and public sector
  • For those interested in management, marketing, finance, and logistics
  • May enroll in up to six hours at Walton College of Business (WCOB)
  • Encouraged to complete internship for graduate credit
  • Includes courses in research techniques and agricultural policy
  • Completion time 12-16 months

Degree Requirements

  1. Admission to the program
  2. Successful completion of the courses (31 credit hours) included on an approved plan of study with a GPA of 2.85 or higher
  3. Successful passage of the written comprehensive examination

Core Requirements

Check Sheet

AGEC 5103 Agricultural Microeconomics
AGEC 5403 Quantitative Methods for Agribusiness
AGEC 5011 Seminar
Choose one of the following:
    AGEC 4373/5073 Basis Trading: Advanced Price Risk Management
    AGEC 5303 Agricultural Marketing Theory
    AGEC 4243/5413 Agribusiness Strategy
Choose one of the following:
    AGEC 4143/5043 Agricultural Finance
    AGEC 4313/5213 Agricultural Business Management
    AGEC 4323/5123 Agribusiness Entrepreneurship
    AGEC 5143 Financial Management in Agriculture
Choose two of the following:
    AGEC 4163/5063 Agricultural and Rural Development
    AGEC 4613/5233 Political Economy of Agriculture and Food
    AGEC 4623/5223 International Agricultural Trade and Commercial Policy
    AGEC 5133 Agricultural and Environmental Resource Economics
    AGEC 5153 Economics of Public Policy
   AGEC 5623 Quantitative Food and Agricultural Policy Analysis

Suggested Elective Courses

Any of the courses not chosen above
AGEC 4303/5203 Advanced Agricultural Marketing Management
AGEC 4383/5083 Basis Trading: Case Study

AGEC 4403/5053 Advanced Farm Business Management
AGEC 503V Internship in Agricultural Economics
AGEC 5613 Econometrics
AGEC 5713 Food Safety Law
Electives can be taken from other UA colleges with approval from the student advisor.
A maximum of 9 hours of 4000 level courses are allowed toward satisfying degree requirements.

Comprehensive Exam

All non-thesis students must pass a written comprehensive exam. Students who enter the domestic non-thesis program as of Fall 2014 will follow these procedures.

Students must answer four questions:   

  • Part I consists of questions associated with the materials presented in AGEC 5103 and AGEC 5403. Students must answer both questions.
  • Part II consists of three questions, each related to the marketing, finance/management and policy courses. Students must answer two questions, each from different areas. That is a student cannot choose two questions from one area. For example, a student cannot choose two policy questions, but instead he/she must choose a question from policy and one other area.

Because the exam is offered at the end of each semester, and because it takes at least one week for it to be graded, the results of the exam are typically announced after the University deadline for completing all degree requirements. Therefore, a student who successfully completes the exam in any given semester should not expect to be awarded the M.S. degree until the following semester. The possible grades are: (1) pass, (2) marginal pass and (3) fail. Students receiving a marginal pass may rewrite the marginal or failed areas on another examination that will be given three weeks after the original examination. Students who fail the exam will have to wait until the next regularly scheduled examination.

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