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Michael P. Popp

Michael P. Popp


Director Experiment Station

(AEAB)-Agricultural Economics and Agri business

Phone: 479-575-6838

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Michael Popp has research interests in the areas of farm and agribusiness management with an emphasis on alternative production practices and related implications for returns, risk and environment.  He has nearly 50 research publications on best management practices for both row-crop and livestock production, web-based producer decision aids and analyses regarding feasibility of alternative fuels.  Expected volatility in fossil-based fuel costs is affecting agriculture not only from a cost of production and environmental stand point but also from a perspective of rural development.  With a farm and agribusiness background in Manitoba, Canada and having grown up in Germany, allows Dr. Popp to provide insights from many diverse points of view.

He is fluent in English and German, and, raised in Germany. Dr. Popp has been a Canadian citizen since 1986 and a Permanent U.S. Resident since 2003.

Dr. Popp’s research focus is on the evaluation of alternative farm enterprises involving innovative and sustainable production methods by analyzing risk-return tradeoffs. Recent efforts have involved evaluation of soybean production practices, modeling of crop agriculture for the state with a view to estimate spatial land use changes with the introduction of switchgrass, energy sorghum and pine (for carbon sequestration), logistics associated with cellulosic energy crops, modeling of pasture and development of decision support software for beef production from a net return and net greenhouse gas emissions perspective.


From Southcentral SunGrant Initiative, DOT-RITA, “Assessing and Predicting Switchgrass and High-Biomass Sorghum Yields and Economic Viability”. Co-PI. $367,158, July 2011 to June 2015.

From NRI 66.0 Agricultural Prosperity for Small- and Medium-Sized Farms. “Beef cattle production on grass-legume mixes: Economic implications of establishment methods and grazing systems performance”. Co-PI. $450,000. January 2009 to December 2012.

From Monsanto, “Estimating the carbon footprint of conventional and GMO sweet corn”. Co-PI. $78,000. October 2010 to September 2011.

Dr. Popp has had ongoing support to analyze soybean production practices from the Arkansas Soybean Promotion Board.

From the United Soybean Board and the MidSouth Soybean Board, “Decision-support Tools and Economics of Maturity Group Selection for Planting-Date and Latitude Combinations throughout the Mid-South Soybean Production Region”. Co-PI. $109,000


Junior:               AGEC 3303 Marketing of Farm Products (1996-97)

Freshman:          61.040 Introduction to Agricultural Economics (1998)

Sophomore:        AGEC 2142/41L Agribusiness Financial Records (2005-present)

Junior:                61.354 Financial Risk Management (1998)

Senior/Graduate: AGEC 4403 Advanced Farm Business Management (1999-present)

Senior/Graduate: AGEC 4313 Agricultural Business Management (1999-present)

Ph.D., Agricultural and Resource Economics, Colorado State University, 1995

MBA, Finance, University of Colorado, 1991

Bachelor of Commerce, Management Information Systems, University of Manitoba, Canada, 1990 

2009 – 2015 Publications

Popp, M., L. Van de Velde, G. Vickery, W. Verbeke, G. Van Huylenbroeck and B. Dixon. 2009. “Determinants of Consumer Interest in Fuel Economy: Lessons for Strengthening the Conservation Argument”. Biomass and Bioenergy 33:768-78.

D. Skipper, L. Van de Velde, M. Popp, W. Verbeke, G. Van Huylenbroeck and G. Vickery . 2009. “Consumers Perceptions Regarding Tradeoffs between Food and Fuel Expenditures: An International Case Study”. Biomass and Bioenergy 33:973-87.

Van de Velde, L. W. Verbeke, M. Popp, J. Buysee and G. Van Huylenbroeck. 2009. “Perceived Importance of Fuel Characteristics and Its Match with Consumer Beliefs About Biofuels in Belgium.” Energy Policy 37(8):3183-93.

Popp, M., L. Nalley, and G. Vickery. 2010. “Irrigation Restriction and Biomass Market Interactions: The Case of the Alluvial Aquifer”. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics 42(1):69-86.

Popp, M., J. Rupe and C. Rothrock. 2010. “Economic Evaluation of Soybean Fungicide Seed Treatments.” Journal of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. 73(1):50-62.

Van de Velde, L., W. Verbeke, M. Popp, M and G. Van Huylenbroeck. 2010. “The Importance of Message Framing for Providing Information About Sustainability and Environmental Aspects of Energy.” Energy Policy. 38(10):5541-5549.

Popp, M. and L. Nalley. 2011. "Modeling Interactions of a Carbon Offset Policy and Biomass Markets on Crop Allocations". Invited Paper. SAEA meetings Corpus Christi, TX, Feb. 5 - 8. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 43(3):399-411.

Popp, M., L. Nalley, C. Fortin, A. Smith and K. Brye. 2011. "Estimating Net Carbon Emissions and Agricultural Response to Carbon Offset Policies." Agronomy Journal. 103(4):1132- 1143.

Nalley, L., M. Popp and C. Fortin. 2011. “The Impact of Reducing Green House Gas Emissions in Crop Agriculture: A Spatial- and Production- Level Analysis”. Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 40(1):63-80.

Van de Velde, L., W. Verbeke, M. Popp, M and G. Van Huylenbroeck. 2011. “Trust and Perception Related to Information About Biofuels in Belgium.” Public Understanding of Science. 20(5):595-608.

Nalley, L., M. Popp, Z. Niederman, K. Brye and M. Matlock. 2012. "How Potential Carbon Policies Could Affect Cotton Location and Production Practices in the United States." Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 41(2):215-231.

Smith, S. A., M. Popp, L. Nalley and K. Brye. 2012. “Modeling Pine as a Carbon-Sequestering Crop in Arkansas.” Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 41(2):232-246.

Smith, S.A., M. Popp and D. Phillips. 2012. “Seedling Survival and Establishment Costs: Crimson and White Clover in Bermudagrass Pastures.” Agronomy Journal. 104 (6):1517-1522.

Smith, S.A., J.D. Caldwell, M. Popp, K.P. Coffey, J.A. Jennings, M.C. Savin, and C.F. Rosenkrans, Jr. 2012. “Tall Fescue Toxicosis Mitigation Strategies: Comparisons of Cow-Calf Returns in Spring- and Fall-Calving Herds.” J of Agr. and Applied Economics. 44(4):577-592.

Caldwell, J., K. Coffey, J. Jennings, D. Phillipp, A. Young, J. Tucker, D. Hubbell, T. Hess, M. Looper, C. West, M. Savin, M. Popp, D. Kreider, D. Hallford and C. Rosenkrans Jr. 2013. “Performance by Spring and Fall-Calving Cows Grazing with Full, Limited, or No Access to Toxic Neotyphodium Coenophialum-Infected Tall Fescue. J of Animal Science 91:465-476.

Goeringer, P., H.L. Goodwin and M. Popp. 2013. “The New Fuel Frontier”. Kentucky Journal of Equine, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Law 5(1): 71-96.

McFadden, B., L. Nalley and M. Popp. 2013. "How Greenhouse Gas Emission Policy and Industry Pressure Could Affect Producer Selection of Rice Cultivars". Agricultural and Resource Economics Review. 42(2):325-348.

Nalley, L., M. Popp and J. Thompson. 2013. “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Labelling for Produce: The Case of Biotech and Conventional Sweet Corn”. Journal of Food Distribution Research. 43(3):43-60.

Nalley, L., M. Popp and Z. Niederman. 2013. “Imbedded Seed Technology and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reductions: A Meta-Analysis.” Invited Paper. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 45(3):523-535.

Cahill, N., M. Popp, C. West, A. Rocateli, A. Ashworth, R. Farris, Sr. and B. Dixon. 2014. “Switchgrass Harvest Time Effects on Nutrient Use and Yield: An Economic Analysis”. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 46(4):487-507.

Keeton, D., M. Popp and A. Smith. 2014. “Economic and Environmental Repercussions of Changing Bull Genetics”. Journal of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, 77: 124-144.

Smith, A., M. Popp, D. Phillipp, K. Coffey and E. Gbur. 2014. “Overseeding Bermudagrass Pastures with Ryegrass and Clovers: Estimating Partial Returns”. Journal of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers, 77:108-123.

Kovacs, K., M. Popp, K. Brye and G. West. 2015. “On-Farm Reservoir Adoption in the Presence of Spatially Explicit Groundwater Use and Recharge”. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 40(1): In Press.

Popp, M., S. Searcy, S. Sokhansanj, J. Smartt and N. Cahill. 2015. “Influence of Weather on the Predicted Moisture Content of Field Chopped Energy Sorghum and Switchgrass”. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 31(2):179-190. DOI 10.13031/aea.31.10674

Popp, M., J. Rupe, C. Rothrock, J. Ross, B. Dixon, A. Steger and J. Lutes. 2015. “Soybean Seed Quality: An Empirical Analysis on Clayey Soils in Arkansas”. Crop Management. In Press.

Professional Background

Professor – Production Economics and Farm Management, Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 2006 – present

Associate Professor - Production Economics and Farm Management, Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 2001 - 2006

Assistant Professor - Livestock Marketing and Agribusiness, Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas 1996-1997, 1999 - 2001

Assistant Professor - Farm and Agribusiness Management, Department of Agricultural Economics and Farm Management, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, 1997 - 1998

Interim General Manager, TripleLeaf Minnedosa, Ltd. (alfalfa processing plant), Minnedosa, Manitoba, Canada, 1991 - 1992

Associate Editor, Agronomy Journal, 2006- 2011 

International Experience:

Dr. Popp has given invited presentations internationally on the topic of economics of renewable biofuels. He has research collaborations with agricultural economics faculty at the University of Gent in Belgium.


Adhoc reviewer for at least 15 journals

Associate Editor, Agronomy Journal, 2006 - 2012

Member of 2 expert panels on alternative energy research grant proposals (USDA NIFA and BRDI) as well as 2 SBIR panels

Gamma Sigma Delta Agricultural Honors Society Treasurer (2012 to present)

College Technology Committee member

State FFA Farm Business Management test coordinator (1998 to 2014)

Membership in Professional and Honorary Societies

Member of American Agricultural Economics Association (1994 - present)

Member of Southern Agricultural Economics Association (1996 - present)

Member of Western Agricultural Economics Association (1993 - 1996)

Member of the Society of Range Management (1996 - 1997)

Graduate Students Directed and Committee Membership Completed 

1 Ph.D. directed

9 M.S. directed 

4 Ph.D. member

21 M.S. member 

Honors and Awards

Outstanding Teacher Recognition Award. 1998. University of Manitoba

1st Place, Presented Poster Award. 2001. Southern Agricultural Economics Association

1st, two time 2nd and 3rd Place, Case Study Competition Coordinator. 2006 – 9. Annual American Agricultural Economics Association

John White Team Research Award. 2014. Division of Agriculture