ABC Point System

The faculty of the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness is very happy to have you in our department and we are very proud of your academic performance. The university is a place were one comes to enhance their intellectual, emotional, and social abilities. The classroom experience is an important part of that enhancement. However, there are many other important aspects of university life that students should be involved in to obtain a well-rounded education.

One of these is the interaction with fellow students within the department. Though we realize the world is becoming more global, there are still many amazing and wonderful differences that exist in cultures and experiences across the state, nation, and world. Students in the department come from all over Arkansas, surrounding states, and other countries and the Agricultural Business Club offers an excellent avenue for you to get to know your peers and the diverse backgrounds they represent. In addition, the club often invites industry representatives to speak to the club about career opportunities and how best to prepare for success in those opportunities. 

The point system will be used in allocating future departmental and ABC scholarship funds. Academic performance will still be the primary criterion for determining scholarship recipients. However, in borderline situations (one or more students exhibiting comparable academic performance) students that have been more active in ABC activities will be given greater consideration for departmental scholarships.

The ABC officers and advisors are planning many exciting activities for the upcoming year and would love to have you join them. So take this opportunity to get involved and further enhance your college experience.

Point System 




Each meeting


Speaker present at meeting


Special Events



Working the booth


Pecan and Honey Sale Fundraiser

Time spent selling (max 6 points) 


Committee Membership