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Daniel V. Rainey

Daniel V. Rainey

Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator

Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food & Life Sciences

(TAEA)-AFLS-Agri Economics and Agri business

Phone: 479-575-5584

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  • Impact of changes in state tax policy
  • Impact of agri-tourism to families and communities
  • Human-capital needs for the global economy

Ph.D (Ag. Economics), Purdue University, May 1997

M.S. (Ag. Economics), Purdue University, July 1992

B.S.A. (Ag. Bus. Mgmt), University of Arkansas, December 1990 

  • Rainey, Daniel V., and Biswaranjan Das. (senior authorship shared) 2007. “Role of Human Capital in Economic Growth: An Empirical Analysis of Arkansas” Forthcoming, Journal of Applied Research in Economic Development.
  • Rainey, Daniel V. Olga I. Murova, and Melvin J. Landry Jr. 2006. “Economic Growth and Local Government Expenditures”. Applied Research in Economic Development. Vol. 3(2): 45-55.
  • Das, Biswaranjan, and Daniel V. Rainey. 2006. “A Report on the Changing Structure of The Arkansas Economy a County-Wise Shift Share Analysis 1980-2000”. Arkansas Agricultural Experiment Station. Research Report 980.
  • Rainey, Daniel V., and Olga I. Murova. 2004. “Factors Influencing Education Achievement”, Applied Economics Journal. Vol. 36(21): 2397-2404.
  • Rainey, Daniel V., and Olga I. Murova, (senior authorship shared) 2004. “Data Envelopment Analysis of Efficiency Estimation in Public Schools”. Empirical Economic Letters. Vol. 3(4):1-19. 
  • Rainey, Daniel V., Kenneth L. Robinson, Ivye Allen, and Ralph D. Christy. “Essential Public and Private Capital for Sustainable Community Development”. In Achieving Sustainable Communities in a Global Economy: Alternative Private Strategies and Public Policies. Ralph D. Christy editor. P. 159 – 178. World Scientific Publishers. 2004.
  • Rainey, Daniel V., and Olga I. Murova. 2003. “Arkansas Public School Districts Efficiency Estimation: Is Restructuring Necessary?”, Educational Research and Policy Studies Journal. Vol. 3(4): 1-22.
  • Rainey, Daniel V., Kenneth L. Robinson, Ivye Allen, and Ralph D. Christy. 2003. “Essential Public and Private Capital for Sustainable Community Development.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics. Vol. 85(3): 708-715.
  • Rainey, Daniel V., and Kevin T. McNamara. 2002. “Tax Incentives: An Effective Development Strategy for Rural Communities?”. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. Vol. 34(2): 319-325.
  • Rainey, Daniel V. and Kevin T. McNamara. 1999. “Taxes and the Location Decision of Manufacturing Establishments”, Review of Agricultural Economics, Vol. 21(1): 86-98.
  • Eleven years of professional experience as a Regional Economist
  • Author or Co-author of 10 journal articles, 3 chapters in books, 12 journal abstracts, 15 research reports / staff papers, and 24 selected papers
  • Received in excess of $200,000 in support of research programs


  • Member Governors Council of Economic Advisors (September 2008 – present)
  • Trustee Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation (January 2005 – December 2010)
  • Advisor U of A chapter Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) (2001 – present)
  • AFLS Faculty Council member (2006 – present)