MANRRS has established college and university chapters at more than 50 U.S. institutions, creating a network divided into six regions. The university of Arkansas MANRRS chapter is located in Region 3. More than 200 professional MANRRS members from industry, government, and foundations are located across the country and overseas.

Membership is open to anyone with a vital interest in promoting diversity in agriculture, natural resources, and related sciences. Membership categories include:

  • Student
  • Professional
  • Associate
  • Business

Objectives of MANRRS:

  • Increase the number of students studying agricultural sciences and related fields at the undergraduate and graduate levels
  • Foster a bond of fellowship among students, faculty, staff, and administrators
  • Encourage scholarly achievement, advancement, and excellence among members
  • Promote career and academic counseling for students at all levels and enhance their professional and leadership development


  • Internships and cooperative training
  • Professional and scholarly development
  • Student registry available to employers
  • Regional and national conferences
  • Career fairs and presentation seminars
  • Community service and fundraising
  • Interaction with surrounding high schools


Junior MANRRS is an outreach program for urban high school students and faculty. This program strives to educate students about the many opportunities and careers in agriculture. Current MANRRS members act as mentors to these Junior MANRRS members as they plan to attend college and professional careers.