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Willy Mulimbi Byamungu AEAB graduate student and Congo native Willy Mulimbi Byamungu is actively implementing agricultural solutions to help increase farmers' crop yield, so to ease one of the many burdens of Congolese women.

A part of our department's mission is to conduct agricultural economics research that benefits the citizens of the State of Arkansas, the U.S. and the world. Both undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to become involved in research and to expand upon their educational experience.

Graduate Student Research Theses

  • "Evaluating Economic and Environmental Impacts of Changing Herd Sire Genetics on Arkansas Cow-Calf Operations" by Daniel Keeton (advisor Dr. Michael Popp) 
  • "Two Studies on Childhood Obesity: Effect of Obesity on Academic Achievement and Effect of Food Store Access on Diet Quality" by Gaogao Yu (advisor Dr. Mike Thomsen)
  • "Economic Implications of Extreme Heat Effects on Rice Yield and Milling Quality in Arkansas" by Nathaniel Lyman (advisor Dr. Lanier Nalley)
  • "Impact of Hybrid Rice on Food Security  A Spatial Equilibrium Analysis of Global Adoption and Diffusion of Hybrid Rice Varieties" by Till Ludwig (advisor Dr. Eric Wailes)
  •  "The Potential Environmental Benefits of Hybrid Rice Varieties" by Haxhire Myrteza (advisor Dr. Lanier Nalley)
  • "Market Analysis of Fresh Berries in the United States" by Kristina Sobekova (advisor Dr. Mike Thomsen)
  • "Socio-Demographic and Economic Determinants of Food Deserts" by Zhongyi Wang (advisor Dr. Rudy Nayga)
  • "Soybean Maturity Group Tradeoffs:  Irrigation, Weed Control, and Nitrogen Fixation" by Ryan Wegerer (advisor Dr. Mike Popp)
  • "Evaluating Economic Impacts of Switchgrass Harvest Time" by Nathanial E. Cahill (advisor Dr. Michael Popp)
  • "What Factors Influence Consumers' Willingness to Purchase and Consume Carbon-Labeled Rice. A comparative study between Arkansas and Belgium" by John Kelley (advisor Dr. Eric Wailes) 
  • "Investing in an Agricultural Legacy" by L. Paul Goeringer (advisor Dr. H. L. Goodwin)


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